All About Great Coffee: Tips And Advice

Is there any­thing that beats a hot cup of joe when you wake up? Per­haps it is some cool iced cof­fee every evening! Cof­fee can be en­joyed in so many ways. These tips can help you en­joy lots of cof­fee.

If you pre­fer to pur­chase whole cof­fee beans, do not grind the beans ahead of time. The rea­son is that when cof­fee is ground, it starts to lose fla­vor. If you grind too soon, the qual­i­ty of your cof­fee will de­te­ri­o­rate.

Is your drip­ping ma­chine pro­vid­ing you with sat­is­fac­to­ry cof­fee? Your cof­fee will taste bet­ter if you first let the ma­chine brew just wa­ter while it heats up. Once you heat up the wa­ter, start over with your cof­fee grounds. You can fresh­en up your ma­chine in this man­ner as well.

When shop­ping for cof­fee grounds and beans, look for those grown us­ing no pes­ti­cides. Cof­fee beans are very ab­sorbent and tend to pick things up from the soil. Pes­ti­cides will af­fect the fla­vor of your cof­fee. Or­gan­ic cof­fee of­fers the clean­est taste.

If your cof­fee mak­er is old, brew a hot pot of plain wa­ter through the ma­chine be­fore brew­ing your cof­fee. When you’ve got a hot wa­ter pot, add your grounds, and pour that wa­ter back in­to your ma­chine. This will re­al­ly bring out the fla­vor of the cof­fee and en­sure that it is nice and hot.

Good cof­fee re­quires great wa­ter. You may want to use bot­tled wa­ter; even though you may think bot­tled wa­ter is a waste of mon­ey, it will make your cof­fee taste bet­ter. As an al­ter­na­tive to us­ing bot­tled wa­ter, you could pur­chase a pu­ri­fi­er that at­tach­es to your faucet. Even though it isn’t the same, your cof­fee will have a bet­ter taste.

Some­times, you may want to treat your­self to cof­fee from a spe­cial­ty store. There are a lot of de­li­cious choic­es and you can top your treat with whipped cream and choco­late curls, or choose a frothy cup of espres­so.

Make sure that you use the cor­rect amount of wa­ter when mak­ing cof­fee in a cof­fee mak­er. If you don’t use enough wa­ter, your cof­fee will be far too strong. Con­verse­ly, too much wa­ter and you’ll have weak tast­ing cof­fee. Try adding about two cups and you should be in good shape.

Think ahead about how many cups of cof­fee you need be­fore you de­ter­mine the bal­ance of wa­ter and beans. A mea­sur­ing cup is eight ounces and a stan­dard cof­fee cup is on­ly six ounces. The best ra­tio is two tsp. of some ground cof­fee to every six oz. of wa­ter. Mea­sur­ing cups end up giv­ing you wa­tered down cof­fee.

Fair Trade

To get great cof­fee while al­so as­sist­ing third-world coun­tries, think about buy­ing fair trade prod­ucts. Fair trade cof­fee beans, though some­what prici­er than reg­u­lar blends, are gen­er­al­ly far more fla­vor­ful. You will al­so help out farms in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries.

If you are sick of your nor­mal morn­ing cof­fee, try spic­ing things up a bit with some choco­late. This will give you some ex­tra en­er­gy, and you’ll sure­ly en­joy the taste. If you want a re­al “wake me up,” try adding some dark choco­late to your cof­fee.

If you are tired of in­fe­ri­or cups of cof­fee from gro­cery store bought grounds, then it is time to do some­thing about it. Chances are the cof­fee is not sell­ing fast enough for you to get the fresh­est beans or grounds. When you shop at a spe­cial­ty cof­fee shop, you can choose the fresh­est beans.

If you pre­fer iced cof­fee, con­sid­er keep­ing your French press cold in your re­frig­er­a­tor. This will en­sure the ma­chine is nice and chilled be­fore you use it each morn­ing. For a clean, sweet morn­ing brew, use your chilled press with cold wa­ter.

In or­der to brew a great cup each time, choose cof­fee mak­ers care­ful­ly. Con­sid­er that glass carafes may not keep brewed cof­fee fresh for that long, and French press­es pro­duce strong brews. Sin­gle cup brew­ers are very pop­u­lar in sin­gle cof­fee drinker homes.

For best re­sults, the wa­ter used for cof­fee should be heat­ed to 195–205 de­grees. Cheap­er de­signs usu­al­ly don’t reach that tem­per­a­ture. Get wa­ter to the right tem­per­a­ture by heat­ing it man­u­al­ly. Buy­ing a French press will im­prove your re­sults, as well.

If you do not want to spend a lot of mon­ey, get a mem­ber­ship to a cof­fee club. A club like that can dis­count as much as a third off full priced cof­fee. The best clubs will even al­low you to re­ceive the beans when you ac­tu­al­ly need them. Your cof­fee will nev­er go stale and you’ll al­ways have beans to brew.

Keep cof­fee sealed to keep it fresh. Air makes cof­fee go stale rather quick­ly. It may give it an old, flat taste. For the best cof­fee, place it in an air­tight con­tain­er.

Peo­ple from all over the globe en­joy hav­ing cof­fee dai­ly. If you’re one of these peo­ple, you un­der­stand just how im­por­tant cof­fee is to you. Use these tips to make de­li­cious cof­fee and to dis­cov­er new fla­vors you’ll love.

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