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Whether you pre­fer your cof­fee strong or mild, there is noth­ing that takes the place of a cup of great cof­fee. For every­thing you should know about cof­fee, con­tin­ue read­ing. The fol­low­ing para­graphs have tons of fan­tas­tic tips that will make your cof­fee taste great.

If you’re di­a­bet­ic, you can use Ste­via in lieu of sug­ar. Ste­via is a sug­ar sub­sti­tute made from plants. It can sweet­en your cof­fee with­out the un­nec­es­sary sug­ar. Ste­via can be pur­chased in most health food stores and gro­cery stores.

If you are mak­ing your own cof­fee, stir it up in the pot short­ly af­ter brew­ing. Just a cou­ple quick stirs will en­sure the brew is more con­sis­tent. When served, the cof­fee will have a rich taste that is char­ac­ter­is­tic of good cof­fee.

Coffee Beans

When you have cof­fee beans that are whole you should nev­er grind them and keep them you should brew it right way. The rea­son is that when cof­fee is ground, it starts to lose fla­vor. Grind­ing your cof­fee beans in ad­vance will re­sult in weak­er-tast­ing cof­fee.

If you re­frig­er­ate your cof­fee, be sure the con­tain­er is air­tight. If it’s not, the odors in­side the fridge can be ab­sorbed by the cof­fee. Mois­ture can wind up on in your cof­fee if it isn’t stored the right way.

It is im­per­a­tive that you uti­lize good wa­ter if you want to brew cof­fee that tastes good. Try us­ing bot­tled wa­ter for your cof­fee. It might cost more, but it makes much bet­ter cof­fee than tap wa­ter. If you fail to use bot­tled wa­ter, con­sid­er us­ing a faucet pu­ri­fi­er. Fil­tered wa­ter can be a se­ri­ous im­prove­ment over wa­ter straight from your faucet.

Put your mon­ey in­to a stan­dard cof­fee grinder. Grind­ing beans pri­or to brew­ing leaves de­li­cious, aro­mat­ic oils on the beans mak­ing your cof­fee taste fresh­er. The ma­jor­i­ty of cof­fee grinders that ex­ist fea­ture the abil­i­ty to ad­just coarse­ness. You can find cof­fee grinders that are built in­to a cof­fee ma­chine if you have lim­it­ed space.

Buy­ing cof­fee at a spe­cial store or cof­fee shop can be ex­pen­sive, but it is al­so a nice treat. Spe­cial­ty cof­fee hous­es of­fer many great ex­tras in their cof­fee. Whipped cream, choco­late curls and frothy espres­so are some ex­am­ples.

Where the beans orig­i­nat­ed is a big fac­tor on the taste of cof­fee. You should ex­per­i­ment with var­i­ous brands and blends of cof­fee. Don’t base your pur­chase sole­ly on price; a more ex­pen­sive brand may ac­tu­al­ly have a high­er caf­feine con­tent, re­sult­ing in your drink­ing less.

Cof­fee does not re­heat well. Keep left­over cof­fee hot and fresh un­til you need it by plac­ing it in a ther­mal mug. If you can­not keep the cof­fee fresh un­til you want it again, then you might as well start over with a new pot when you are ready for more.

The best cof­fee is made with fresh­ly roast­ed beans. If you’re buy­ing whole beans, check their ex­pi­ra­tion date and when they’ve been roast­ed. Al­so, best qual­i­ty beans are bought from a cof­fee shop or spe­cial­ty store.

Keep cof­fee beans pro­tect­ed when you buy in bulk. Fresh beans tend to pick up oth­er fla­vors and their own fla­vor is lost if ex­posed to heat or light. Use a dark con­tain­er that seals out air if you want to keep your beans the fresh­est.

While shop­ping for a cof­fee grinder, con­sid­er one that us­es flat or con­i­cal grind­ing burrs. These grinders re­duce pro­duced heat. This will in­crease the pleas­ing taste of the cof­fee. Grinders with blades are in­con­sis­tent. These tend to get too hot, run­ning the risk of burnt beans.

Cof­fee should be stored in a con­tain­er away from the oven. Heat is one of the things that can kill the qual­i­ty of cof­fee quite eas­i­ly. Avoid stor­ing your ja­va any­place that is close enough to the oven to get warm.

Have you tried to copy the taste of cof­fee you get in shops but fell short fla­vor-wise? Use more cof­fee. Typ­i­cal­ly, cof­fee hous­es mix six ounces wa­ter for every two ta­ble­spoons full of cof­fee grounds. Try dif­fer­ent quan­ti­ties and ra­tios un­til you dis­cov­er the best fla­vor, and re­mem­ber you may need to change the ra­tio for the blend you use.

Now that you’re done with this ar­ti­cle, you’re ready for your caf­feine fix. You may even want to vary your blend through­out the day. No mat­ter which you choose, you now know what you need to en­joy cof­fee the smart way.

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