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As every­one knows, cof­fee fla­vor comes from the cof­fee bean. The cof­fee bean has sparked a very vast in­dus­try all over the world. Sim­ply put, cof­fee is here to stay. Break­fast blends, iced bev­er­ages, rich top­pings and a world of fla­vors make it a world­wide fix­ture. To choose and brew won­der­ful cof­fee, it is im­por­tant to con­tin­ue pe­rus­ing this ar­ti­cle for ter­rif­ic tips and guid­ance.

If you want to add sweet­ness with­out adding calo­ries, then con­sid­er try­ing sug­ar al­ter­na­tives like Ste­via. Ste­via is a herbal plant, and when dried, crum­bled and added to cof­fee, it will add a sweet taste with­out af­fect­ing blood sug­ar lev­els or adding ex­tra, un­want­ed pounds. It can be found in fine gro­cers and health food stores.

Cof­fee is pret­ty good for you if you lay off the ex­tras. How you pre­pare your cof­fee makes a big dif­fer­ence; cream and sug­ar are gen­er­al­ly not ide­al. Al­mond milk and a bit of hon­ey or some ste­via add fla­vor to your cof­fee with­out negat­ing its health­ful ben­e­fits.

Make sure that no air gets in­to your stor­age con­tain­er for cof­fee. Ex­posed beans makes for stale cof­fee. Don’t use plas­tic bags with valves. They are not air­tight. The valves are on­ly in­tend­ed to let the air out while the beans are cool­ing.

Don’t grind your cof­fee beans un­til just be­fore mak­ing a fresh pot of cof­fee. As soon as cof­fee is ground, its fla­vor starts to dis­si­pate. Don’t grind your cof­fee too far ahead of time or you’ll soon be en­joy­ing very weak cof­fee.

You should on­ly use those cof­fee grounds pro­duced free of pes­ti­cide use. Cof­fee is a very ab­sorbent crop, and de­rives lots of fla­vor from the soil in which it orig­i­nat­ed. There­fore, cof­fee that is or­gan­i­cal­ly grown will nat­u­ral­ly taste bet­ter.

Most peo­ple know that stor­ing cof­fee in your freez­er can pre­serve its use­ful life, but not every­one knows that this should be done for no longer than three months. Cof­fee frozen longer than that will start suf­fer­ing in qual­i­ty.

Be­fore you make a whole pot, do a test run with your new cof­fee ma­chine. Do this as though you re­al­ly were mak­ing cof­fee, on­ly skip adding the grounds. This will al­so re­move any dust or lint that may have ac­cu­mu­lat­ed in­side the ma­chine while it was in the box.

Coffee Machine

Try run­ning some wa­ter through your ma­chine if you are us­ing an old­er mod­el cof­fee ma­chine. Once the hot wa­ter is ready, put the cof­fee grounds in and re­turn the wa­ter to the cof­fee ma­chine. This will re­al­ly bring out the fla­vor of the cof­fee and en­sure that it is nice and hot.

There are some op­tions avail­able for still en­joy­ing the taste of sug­ar in cof­fee drinks if you need to cut down on the sug­ar added. There are ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers but you can al­so go nat­ur­al and use agave nec­tar. Some low calo­rie sweet­en­ers like ste­via or splen­da stay sta­ble when added to hot liq­uids and can be safe­ly be used in cof­fee as well.

Care­ful­ly mon­i­tor the amount of wa­ter you put in your cof­fee ma­chine. If you skimp on wa­ter, your cof­fee will end up be­ing too strong. Con­trar­i­ly, if you use too much wa­ter, the cof­fee will be weak and wa­tery. One trick to mak­ing cof­fee the right strength is that you should al­ways ad­just the amount of cof­fee grounds based on how much wa­ter you are us­ing.

Now that you have learned the nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion to be a cof­fee af­fec­tion­a­do, use it to your ben­e­fit. Wow your friends and im­press your fam­i­ly with your cof­fee culi­nary skills the next time they vis­it. Keep the in­fo here shared in mind to make a great tast­ing pot of cof­fee every time.

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