Roasting Woes, Or Just Me Being Paranoid?

Au­thor: jferguson87

Tonight I start­ed the 2nd batch of this Guatemala Hue­hue­te­nan­go Fin­ca Ros­ma I bought from Sweet Maria’s. I went in­to this roast feel­ing very con­fi­dent. Not cocky, but very con­fi­dent.

Tonight I think I messed it up… Or did I?

Here’s what went down…


Hav­ing looked at my notes be­fore hand and hav­ing tast­ed the 1st batch of this Guatemala, I still felt this cof­fee was not quite de­vel­oped. I took a look at when I pulled the orig­i­nal batch and de­cid­ed for this roast I would add an ex­tra two min­utes to my roast­ing time.

It was all go­ing good. Great in fact! The roast looked good and when it was ready to cool, I pressed the cool but­ton. At least I thought I did. At around 6 min­utes in­to the sup­posed “cool­ing phase,” I no­ticed the tem­per­a­ture was around 315º. 

Why was it so high this far in­to cool­ing? And then I no­ticed it. I didn’t see it flash­ing cool. Hav­ing re­al­ized what was go­ing on I hit the cool­ing but­ton again and saw the words and felt a lit­tle re­lieved. 

Though a few min­utes lat­er it hit me. Was I just be­ing para­noid? At an ex­tra 6 min­utes or so on top of my cur­rent roast­ing time, shouldn’t the cof­fee be a lot dark­er than what it is? Shouldn’t I have heared 2nd crack if that was the case?



*Please note a slight col­or dif­fer­ence. Re­al­ly hard to cap­ture col­or on an iPhone


But what re­al­ly got me was that in the process of this hap­pen­ing, what re­al­ly caught my at­ten­tion was this beep­ing noise let­ting me know I was run­ning out of time. OUT OF TIME?!? Why was I run­ning out of time if I was in the process of cool­ing the cof­fee? 

Af­ter this batch fi­nal­ly cooled for re­al this time, I shot in­to the house to grab the last of this Guatemala for a sec­ond go. I did not wait an hour to cool be­fore roast­ing again. This is a good way to kill your roast­er. At least the home roast­ing ones. But for now I think I’ll be okay as this was just a one time of­fense.

I took a look at this failed batch (or not failed) and start­ed to roast again for my in­tend­ed roast­ing time. When it was all said and done I was hap­py with my sec­ond at­tempt. I walked in­to the house and got a scoop of beans to com­pare side by side. No dif­fer­ence. At least not any that I can see. Though col­or alone can’t com­plete­ly tell you where the roast is at. It just gives you an idea.



*Prob­a­bly not the best rep­re­sen­ta­tion (top pic­ture is dark­er due to light­ing is­sues), but when look­ing at these side by side the col­or is pret­ty close to iden­ti­cal


I guess un­til these pup­pies have had time to rest I am prob­a­bly go­ing to be los­ing sleep tonight won­der­ing if I ac­tu­al­ly messed the first batch up or if it was just all in my head. 

Un­til then I guess…

Au­thor: jferguson87
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